This is a web site specifically for the upper cervical chiropractor. Its goal is to stimulate thought, discussion and growth of the upper cervical chiropractor.

D.A. Molthen D.C., J.P. Earnest D.C. A.P.C.
B.D. Gaudino D.C., T.W. Tucker D.C., J.C. Mykkanen D.C.
Main Office: 14742 Plaza Drive Tustin, CA 92780
Branch Office: 1950 Brea Canyon Rd., Suite 6 Diamond Bar, CA 91765

For many years we have conducted the world's largest, exclusively upper cervical chiropractic practice. This web page is not meant for patients. Our practice has been built and maintained on a strictly word of mouth, referral basis. We do not do any advertising. Our patients come to us from around the world based upon our reputation for getting sick people well.  We make the proper adjustment at the proper time and at the proper place and in the proper way. If this is done properly nothing else should be done.

We feel that "cause-and-effect chiropractic" is steadily losing ground. More and more people are watering it down as the profession loses its identity and slowly becomes assimilated into physical therapy and fringe medicine. We are not offering to sell anything, all we are doing is trying to provide a forum for questions and answers, and to offer encouragement to the few "on cause" practitioners who are left.